Security and reliability

Gold as a Symbol of Security and Reliability
Gold is synonymous with security and reliability to the fact it has traditionally been used as a bargaining tool, trading currency and as jewellery for over thousands of years. Gold has fascinated mankind since the beginning of time: the gleaming precious metal is virtually irresistible owing to its charming appeal.


Stability, preservation of value

Prosperity, stability, preservation of value
Gold is one of the most valuable precious metals. Its myth and its popularity are deep-rooted in its long and prosperous history. Gold has always been a status symbol and is treasured by a vast majority of the world’s population. It also plays a vital role in securing the global monetary stability.


Supply and demand

Gold – superstar of the precious metal family
The earth’s gold deposits are limited. The mining of gold today is complicated and costly and it may not be industrially produced (at least not at an economically justifiable expense).


5 key factors to consider when buying gold


Since the beginning, gold has been deemed to be precious and valuable. Time and time again – spanning centuries – Gold has consistently proven to be a stable investment. Gold provides a sense of security, especially in times where other forms of investment are losing value and credibility.

The security of gold results from its independence. The price of gold is not usually affected by the monetary policies of individual States, the securities markets, currency fluctuations, credit crunches and similar financial phenomena.


He who has gold always has money. Gold is traded around the clock, across the globe. Being in possession of high-quality gold gives one a form of “international currency” as it can always be sold or divested.

Personal capital reserves

Central banks still rely on gold as a “Reserve instrument”. Additionally, countless large
institutional investors, mutual funds, pension funds and foundations invest a portion of their assets in gold. Numerous well-renowned experts advise private investors to make a long-term investment of 5-10% of their assets in gold.

Despite price fluctuations on the occurring repeatedly on the open market, the value of gold has remained constant over time. Over the past few years, a very stable trend of rising gold prices has developed. Gold has the potential to become the raw material of the 21st century.